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Better Options to Get the Best for Your Princess Now


Fashion for girls begins with overalls for newborns and miniature body. And with each new centimeter of growth, the wardrobe of a little lady requires a change. Fortunately, outfits for any occasion are provided in the children’s collections of leading fashion houses for the first steps and the first walks or birthday celebrations. Embroidery and appliqués, knitted patterns and contrasting collars – designers do everything so that things for young fashionable women are not boring. From little dust princess you will be having the best options.

At all times, clothing was given a great importance not only as a way to protect against the cold, but also as a necessary attribute of status, beauty, expression of emotions and character traits. That is why it is very important to wear a baby from birth in clothes that are specially designed for a particular occasion. So the child gets the opportunity to develop physically and intellectually, and over time he will learn to express his own individuality.


What should I look for when choosing clothes for a newborn?

  • Easy to use (often children have to change clothes several times a day).
  • Comfort for the child (there should be no details or finishes that are annoying, the cut should not be tight for the baby, the back seams and fasteners should be flat).
  • The ease of care for clothes (things made of 100% cotton or with the addition of polyester, can be washed in a washing machine, and the absence of small decorative details facilitates ironing).
  • The ability to dress the newborn “in layers” (heat transfer in young infants is still not working well). Overheating for them is also fraught with unpleasant consequences, as well as hypothermia. You can wear a baby bodysuit with short sleeves and sliders. If it becomes colder, it is easy to add a cardigan and a cap, or, conversely, remove the sliders if the room is hot.

The baby’s feet should be loose in the closed sliders

Use non-biological solvents and fabric softeners when washing baby clothes. If the baby is susceptible to allergic reactions, set the extra rinse mode with a machine wash.

The temperature in the room at night should be no more than 18-20 ° C, the room should be well ventilated. If the child sleeps in a sleeping bag, it is not recommended to use additional blankets because of the danger of overheating.

With increasing physical activity of the baby should increase the durability of his clothes.

It is difficult for a baby to move the arms and legs if it is too tight or, conversely, loose clothing in which the child may become entangled. It is best to choose fabrics from natural materials, 100% cotton or with the addition of polyester and acrylic. Natural wool can cause allergies, and cashmere, despite its softness, cannot often be washed, which is completely impractical.

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